ESPA products

Lifelong Learning Programme


A practical database of companies providing information about small and medium enterprises from Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia interested in business cooperation.
The minimum set of information includes: name of the company, address, e-mail contact, business branch and type of activity.

ESPA Society

A community web service for companies interested in international cooperation within the European Union. A tool enabling the project users to take active part in development of the portal. A place to practice newly acquired communication skills in professional environment. A platform to exchange business experiences and opinions.

ESPA Learning

A professional e-learning course of Spanish, that combines learning a language with business education. A practical tool developing linguistic skills in professional context, including: dialogues, exercises, vocabulary, grammar, additional didactic materials. A practical tool supporting development of new competences that are useful on the labour market.

ESPA Dictionary

A Spanish-English-Czech-Slovak-Hungarian-Romanian-Bulgarian-Lithuanian-Latvian-Estonian-Polish online dictionary. A practical didactic tool to learn Spanish vocabulary online. Supplementing an online Spanish language course through extended range of vocabulary focused on business language. Assistance in business relationships as well as everyday life situations.


Knowledge about business culture, general cultural customs of Spain and other countries participating in the project. Documents and forms facilitating access to information on how to do business in Spain. Information about the project partners and other institutions engaged in the project.


An internet platform facilitating communication between small and medium enterprises from Central and Eastern Europe with Spanish companies. Support for business contacts: looking for partners, workers, products, technologies, etc. Enables easy and efficient communication between users of the portal.